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8mm & 16mm film processing

W A R A K O M S K I   8 m m   1 6 m m    F I L M   L A B O R A T O R Y
U L .   Ł O K I E T K A   7 8   1 6 - 4 0 0   S U W A Ł K I   P O L A N D   e - m a i l   r e d a k c j a @ a w a n s . n e t
8 m m   1 6 m m   F I L M   P R O C E S S I N G

Not developed films from many years ago are in many homes. It is a pity that captured them moments gone forever.

Warakomski 8mm and 16mm Film Laboratory specializes in processing of the expired reversal 8mm and 16mm films, both black and white and colour - ORWO, SVEMA and others. We develop a present-day produced films such companies as: KODAK, FOMA, WITTNER, ADOX also.

B&W 8mm 16mm film processing 8mm 16mm film E-6 processing ORWOCHROM SVEMA COLOUR 8mm 16mm film processing

We develop films exposed even 40 years ago. It happened to us to develop film exposed in 1965 with success! It is possible to obtain good image from such films. We specialize in the developing of such films - have decades of experience. We treat each film individually, depending on age and type of a film. We make the chemistry baths on our own, adapting to the age of the film. We develop the present-day films in standard processes.

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